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The skin

The skin requires balance.

In a very subtle way it provides:

  • Natural protection against the exterior
  • Balances the body’s water loss
  • Restores skin damage
  • Constatly renews itself

But with time all these processes become slower and less effective. Our oils act on the skin through a natural biological action which restore the skin’s processes and nutrients allowing it to finds it’s original balance.

It is in their ingredients that our oils reveal themselves unique and balanced, presenting multiple benefits for your skin.

They have a great percentage of phytosterols and essencial fatty acids such as the oleic acids (omega 9) and linoleic acids (omega 6). These fat acids intervene in several fisiological processes and are important components of the cellular membrane, making them necessary for the skin’s:

  • Maintenance
  • Integrity
  • Renewal
  • Defense

Also, because they allow the required celular flexibility and functionality, these fatty acids stimulate the oxygenation and support the restoration of the hydrolipidic film which benefit the skin’s moisturization.

The essencial fatty acids compensate both the skin’s water and elasticity loss which reflect the appearance of wrinkles.

By using our oils you provide your skin the necessary elasticity, helping it become more firm. This action that aims to fight the cellular aging is reforced with the high levels of vitamin E which has multiple benefits:

  • A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals
  • Helps the collagen generation (a structural cellular protein) that reflect on the skin’s increased firmness
  • Benefits the healing process and protects the celular membrane against lipid oxidation which slows celular aging.


Comparison between our oils

Hazelnut oil Sweet almond oil Pine nut oil
Stearic Acid >2.38 % >2.5 % >4.0 %
Oleic Acid (w-9) >76.0 % >65.0% >39.0%
Linoleic Acid (w-6) >13.4 % >23.9% >47.5%
Palmitic Acid >6.5 % >7 % >6.2 %
b-Sitosterol > 82.0 % >80 % >76 %
Fatty Acids (mono and poly unsaturated) >90% >90% >88%
Vitamin E 351 mg/kg 300 mg/kg 29 mg/kg
Characteristics Strong moisturizer with great antioxidant capacities Moisturizing and antioxidant capacities Protective barrier creation and moisturizing capacities


Indicative penetration capacity

Penetration capacity of oils