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Production Process and Oil Extraction

Cold Pressing

The production process of our oils is designed to obtain a 100% natural final product with a single extractive cycle, without the use of chemical processes and subsequent refining and neutralization. Thus, we can maintain its pure and original form, without changing their isomeric state cis-cis (how the fatty acid is found in nature), ensuring the bioactivity of essential fatty acids.

The raw materials are still received in nuts through a rigorous selection process. Upon receipt of extracting the core/grain at the center, the extraction phase / cold mechanical compression immediately starts to yield a crude oil. It is noted that the crushing is carried out only as necessary in production, since the conservation of the core/grain is more lasting and natural inside the shell. Then, the crude oil undergoes a process of decantation, followed by filtration through various levels of gravity with the purpose of being immediately packaged.

The whole production process is strictly controlled to ensure the highest quality oil.


Soap Production Process

Our soap was born from the impassioned search a vegetal base soap, made entirely with natural products and certificated flavored essential oils, biodegradable foam without preservatives or synthetic antioxidants (such as, for example, parabens).


The “SAP Cold” process or “Cold Process”

Inspired by the ancient soap-works art, this process uses our vegetal origin raw materials, fully renewable and biodegradable, and therefore only produced in small quantities. This method uses temperatures below 41 º C, keeping the beneficial properties of oils and natural glycerin unchanged, which results from the manufacturing process itself. All variables are tracked in each of the phases, namely weight, quantity, temperature and time.

Thus, by mixing our oils with a base, a chemical reaction happens that results in soap. This reaction is called saponification and consists in an hydrolysis of the triglyceride constituents of vegetable oils that creates fatty acids and glycerol,.

The soap is then placed into moldings and after three or four days soaps are ready, with a rustic and natural appearance. Before being packaged, they are dried for about 45 days at room temperature. This process produces an unique special soap for very sensitive skins, able to moisturize deeply, letting the skin breathe naturally.


Soaps friends of your skin and nature

In Bio4Natural we created a unique and very delicate formula. The secret is in the saponification, which is held immediately after the extraction of vegetal oils, resulting in abundant creamy foam soap, rich in natural glycerin and scented with essential oils.

This means that none of our soaps include animal fats, artificial colors, flavorings products or synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Only natural ingredients produced by BIO4Natural.

Because a good soap must gently cleanse without removing the oiliness of the skin itself, the resultant glycerin from the soap production process is sufficient to hydrate and leave the skin wet.

It is a simple little luxury for the skin, and a true product.