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Wool coated soap

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100% natural and biological. Suitable for sensitive skin types. Gentle scrub





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Product Description

With essencial lavender oil

The pure wool coated soap with essencial lavender 100% biological oil is suitable for the daily care of the face, hands and body.

It has unique skin moisturizing, nutrition and rejuvenation features, leaving it healthy.

The creamy and purity of the soap, produced only with biological ingredients and lined with 100% natural wool make it both suitable for scrubing and moisturizing the skin.

Its use allows a subcutaneous movement activation which make it the perfect ally in the treatment of cellulitis. With time and use the wool will diminish adjusting itself naturally to the size of the soap.

Always leave the soap in a soap dish with an effective drain avoiding the accumulation of water.

Suitable for sensitive skin types
Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic*
No added preservatives or artificial colours

*Study made in 50 volunteers throughout 6 weeks using the Human Repeated Insult Patch Test protocol

Lhana Project

This soap was developed in partnership with the Lhana Project. This project arises in order to make full use of the wool from the autochthonous breeds of the Portuguese sheep. The philosophy of the project is based on a local and handmade logic, boosting difused crafts such as manual spinning, knitting and weaving. The acquisition of the wool is carried directly from the shepherds of the region, and its transformation is done by the local craftsmen, thus achieving higher revenues related to the territory resources, more direct and fair to those that work on it.



Sodium olivate**, Prunus dulcis saponified oil**, Aqua, Lavandula Angustifolia oil*

*Ingradients from organic farming
**Made using organic ingredients



Avoid contact with the eyes
Not eatable



The production process of our wool coated soap is certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.
Know more about the certification process here.


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