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wine From the Douro valley to the mountainous Trás-os-Montes region, down to the Beira mountains to the pine forests of Alcácer do Sal, one discovers a very particular world. Old stoppages, ancient fields and woods, people with the experience and wisdom of the time. These are almost secret places where some of the rarest materials in the world are grown and cultivated.

These are the places where we are and these are the raw materials that we use in manufacturing our 100% natural products: In profound harmony with local life and nature and in strict compliance with the principles of social and environmental sustainability.


Douro Sweet Almond

mapa_amendoa_UK Every year, between february and march, the rugged slopes of the Douro Superior are covered up with a dazzling white and rosy robe, heralding the end of winter and the arrival of spring. The almond trees are in bloom.

During this period, the long flowering almond Douro form one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Mediterranean basin. In the following months the fruits emerge tender and velvety, and little by little will become ripe until they reach their fullness in late August and early September.

The almond tree is grown in the Douro since antiquity for its breathtaking beauty and the unique properties of its fruits. In this region, the almond crop still follows the traditional techniques, in harmony with the people and with the earth.

These are the almonds that we use to produce some of our best natural products.


Pine Nut

mapa_pinhao_UK2 In the sandy soils of Alcácer do Sal or under the warm sun and soft Coruche grow the most beautiful woods of pines in the country. The fruits of these trees (Pinus Pinea) are the cones, a light brown live and within which they develop the precious pine nuts.

Harvesting the cone takes place every year between the months of december and march, followed by the extraction, peeling, washing, drying and careful selection of the best pinion, a rare and delicate fruit with natural properties known and appreciated all over millennia by people of these regions.

Each pinion used by us is the result of a very specific set of conditions taking place only in these trees and these areas.



mapa_avela_UK At the end of each summer, when fall has already been announced, between september and october, the hazelnut harvest begins in Satão’s region. The ripe fruits fall in Avelanais and the traditional harvest is done directly from the ground.

The hazelnut is the fruit of the hazel (Coryllus Avellana), one of the oldest species of the plant kingdom and a holy tree with magical connotations in various cultures of Europe. In the ancient world, hazelnuts were offered to young couples on their wedding day as a symbol of fertility.

Today, we recovers this ancient tradition and chooses the best Satão’s hazelnuts to ensure the absolute quality of our products.


Pure Beeswax

mapa_amendoa_UK Produced by bees that with it build the combs their hives, the Douro Superior pure wax is a natural product of unsurpassed quality. With unique scent and plasticity, the bee wax has essential qualities that cannot be founde in any other product created by nature.

The raw material which is at the origin of the wax itself is the honey that the bees turn into fat in a slow and meticulous process. To produce one pound of wax, the bees consume about six pounds of honey.

The wax is collected every year or every two years, according to the cycles of nature and through processes that do not cause any damage to the bees and their hives.