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Uses for Vegetal Oils

Do you know the extensive range of uses which a vegetal oil may have? Here we list some of them:


1. In the morning, use as a moisturizer on your face or body. Massage in circular motion and let the skin absorb completely. The vegetal oil will moisturize and nourish your skin and provide a natural protection against outside influences.
2. Try adding the oil with sand, salt or sugar and obtain a great natural scrub to nourish and unclog pores.
3. Use it to provide massages for all the family.
4. Try applying it in your hair tips. The oil works as a natural serum repairing your splitting hair. Thanks to its neutral pH it is ideal to restore your hair ends.
5. The use of vegetal oils helps combat the stretch marks during pregnancy.
6. Try applying the oil at night. The oil acts better during sleep, when the skin is naturally recovering. When you wake up, your skin will have a younger aspect.
7. Try adding a few drops of oil to your daily cream. Its high penetrating capacity will enhance the absorption power of your cream, as well as all its constituent elements.
8. Try applying on nails cuticles.
9. Use on your body after sun exposure. Vegetal oils are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E and will moisturize and restore these nutrients in your body.
10. Try applying on your body after shower. The oil will retain the water and provide a high hydration.
11. In the winter, use on dry skin, for example in the nose aching by cold.
12. Try applying on cracked heels. Apply the oil on your feet before going to sleep, put socks on and feel your soft heels in the morning.

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