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Every project has a beginning…

All projects have a history. Our history begins with ambition to extract the oil from the sweet almond of Douro Superior region.


Influence of Douro region

This is a special place by the roots, where the natural views speak for themselves, and where nature plays its work, without haste, without influences.
Emerged the idea to take advantage of what the earth has to offer us, between the harmony of local life and nature, in the strictest respect for the principles of social and environmental sustainability.



Drafts and the ambition to extract the sweet almond oil

The process was slow and complicated. Motivated by a personal interest in development of equipment, it was possible to build the perfect process that allows the extraction of the oil contained in the nuts, in the purest form, 100% natural, without addition of any chemical additives.



The first extration

After optimization techniques and complex processes, a lot of persistence and determination, was extracted the first vegetal oil. The quality was unquestionable.



The birth of the product and reaching the consumers

The ambition has been growing, the positive feedback from people who have experienced the vegetal oil was motivating, ideas of products based on vegetal oils were emerging and thus was born a unique project in Portugal.
For our part, we want to continue developing unique products based on our origin and principles, Portuguese and biological products.


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