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About us

Our roots, our nature

We are a 100% portuguese biological cosmetic brand.

We feel the land. We live in total harmony with the nature and respect the principles of social and environmental sustainability.



This is where it all starts. To understand our essence and values first you must understand the land. Our products are created from natural raw materials, which result from a long secular tradition, enhanced over time by man and nature.

All the ingredients are 100% natural and produced in Portugal.

Each product is meticulously followed in every detail, from the origin to the packaging in order to protect its essence and take advantage of the unique properties of its ingredients.

We make sure everything is done properly to ensure the care and protection of your skin.

Each oil, soap or cream is born in total harmony with the land, ensuring the protection of the unique quality of its ingredients in order to create the perfect cosmetics: from the tree to your skin.